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Fondazione Harambee Africa International ETS


Via dei Farnesi, 91A Roma 00186 Italia

Phone: +39 06 68801791

Website: www.harambee-africa.org




Welcome to the Partners and Sponsors section of the 10th Harambee Africa International Award. The Competition is an extraordinary opportunity to promote a culture of solidarity towards Africa.


Our goal is to raise awareness of the African continent beyond stereotypes, recognizing its intrinsic value and promoting cooperation and mutual support.


If you are a company, NGO, public or private entity, or simply a person with a passion for Africa and a desire to make a difference, we invite you to join us as a sponsor or partner!


The ways in which you can participate are varied and can be tailored to your needs and goals:

- Become an official sponsor and enjoy visibility during all the phases of the competition, including on the day of the awards ceremony: you will have the opportunity to position your brand in front of a
wide national and international audience, showing your commitment to a more authentic and inclusive vision of Africa.
- Directly support one of the finalist documentaries: you can choose an entry that reflects your values and areas of interest, making a concrete contribution to challenging
stereotypes and promote a positive vision of Africa.

- Use your communication channels, digital platforms, websites and social media to promote the Award and spread key messages. You can help raise awareness about Africa issues and encourage a wider participation.
- You can offer space to host events related to the Award, such as conferences, workshops or exhibitions, or provide physical resources such as audiovisual equipment, printed materials, etc.
- You can encourage other entities to participate as partners or sponsors and spread the message of an authentic and positive Africa.

Your collaboration as a sponsor or partner can be highly meaningful and bring essential additional value to the Harambee Africa International Award, leading to broader and more lasting results. The diversity of support offerings is a sign of a diverse and comprehensive commitment to the shared mission of promoting a culture of solidarity and understanding for Africa.

Contact us to discuss your tailored partnership and sponsorship options!

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